APHIS Cost Management System (ACMS)

Welcome to the APHIS Cost Management System (ACMS). This system is used for all Financial Commitment tracking, Status of Funds reporting, Agency Agreement Inventory tracking and inactive Unliquidated Obligations oversight. The APHIS financial professionals created this system by merging all the desirable attributes of our legacy systems from all Programs. The mission: to provide a relevant Status of Funds and be able to substantiate it in an audit from any location at any time.

To login to the ACMS system, a user must have an e-Authentication ID and password from the Department of Agriculture (this is the same User ID and password as AgLearn). If a user does not have an e-Authentication ID, or has forgotten his/her password, then he/she must contact the Department of Agriculture Client Experience Center (CEC) at 1-877-873-0783.